3 thoughts on “You Are What You Eat

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  2. Hey Michelle! I’m loving your blog so far. I’m on a weightless journey and your recipes are excellent. My goal is to drop 100 lbs by the end of June and I’m noticing one of my biggest issues is carbs. I love rolls and breads. I’ve seen some people talk about cauliflower pizza crusts and using cauliflower for other ‘bready’ foods. Do you have any good recipes or suggestions for these?

    • Hi Rachel!
      Thanks so much for the great feedback. I have also seen a lot of postings on cauliflower crust. I will probably attempt it sometime soon! I cut out wheat/gluten a few years back and at this point don’t miss it at all! I was just like you and loved my carbs. Now I stick to gluten free oats, sweet potato, quinoa, organic brown rice etc. It is all about portion control as well. I never have more than 1/2 cup of a serving, but I always feel satisfied. Make sure you are eating an adequate amount of healthy fats and lean protein as well. I am posting today about food ratios so take a peek. 🙂 Any questions feel free to contact me!

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