About Michelle

After numerous requests for a website…here we go!

My name is Michelle McGrattan. I am a Nutrition Coach, Published Fitness & Nutrition Writer, Bikini Fitness Model, wife to an amazing man and mom to our little fur babies Louis and Henry.

Henry & Louis

If you can’t find me in the gym you’ll find me in the kitchen. With my husband being a professional athlete, I am constantly creating new and tasty recipes that are healthy and guilt free. I have a serious passion for cooking and all things related to fitness, health and nutrition. Here you will find a collaboration of some of my healthy recipes and random posts of my daily life!


Mich xo

11 thoughts on “About Michelle

  1. Hey Michelle..I made your chilli and muffins for dinner tonight and this was my first chilli without meat.Marcus and I loved it.I substituted the Turkey with Chicken and used the carcus to make stock for a future recipe.Thanks for the great idea!(try not to eat all the muffins before supper)

  2. I noticed in one of your recipes you used an almond non dairy product.I have being drinking that product for a year now.No more milk for me.Was that a good switch??

  3. Hi Michelle ! your mom put me on to your website…..it looks awesome and I love the recipes! Just discovered recently that my eldest daughter is Celiac, so I was wondering if you had a gluten free healthy pie crust recipe…hope to hear from you soon and all the best to you, Brian and Louis!
    Susan T.

  4. Hey Michelle…my sister Kim is good friends with your sister Kendra. I love your blog. My husband & I are very interested in the Paleo Diet and are just starting to get into it…just in the research stage at this point. I was wondering where you find is the best place to buy coconut & almond flours? We are from Burlington. Looking forward to trying all your recipes…thanks for doing this blog:)

    • Hey Michelle! I buy my flours from Whole Foods. There is one in Oakville off of Trafalgar. I am not too sure about Burlington, but most Natural Health Food Stores should carry both 🙂 Even Fortino’s sometimes has these options in their health food section.

  5. I am very proud of you Sis! You may have even motivated me to try my hand at some of your recipes! Better have the fire department on speed dial. Luv ya ian

  6. Excited for this website. I am a firm believer that healthy food can also be delicious food. I love taking ingredients and turning them into something amazing that people are shocked is also good for them! Looking forward to your recipes

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