Are You Eating Enough?

Staying on Track – Food Diary

Since my last competition I have struggled with not eating enough calories in a day and being afraid of eating certain foods that were not on my comp diet when I was off season. I can definitely say that I haven’t had the best relationship with food up until recently.

Since coming to Nashville and meeting with my trainer Luke from Temple Fitness, we have re-vamped my diet. Being a nutrition coach I know exactly what I should be eating, but I have been neglecting myself. I wasn’t tracking my diet anymore but we did and I was only eating around 1110-1200 calories a day, and still training 6 days a week (WAY TOO LOW!). Being a nutrition coach I always advise my clients to never go below 1500 calories a day and to eat a balanced diet of complex carbs, lean protein and healthy fats. Of course everyone is different depending of their goals and amount of exercise.

Luke wanted me to up my calories and my macros for the amount and intensity of training that I am doing with him 5 days a week. In turn I will definitely lose inches and pounds. People are always afraid to up their calories, but if you are eating the right ratio of protein, carbs and fat and are eating clean you will lose fat and gain lean muscle tissue. If you don’t keep your calories high enough, the body will strip it’s own lean tissue for nutrition. Although that may look great on a scale it will make it MUCH easier to accumulate and gain fat in the future. Your goals should be long term!

I downloaded My Fitness Pal onto my iPhone, and you also track from your computer or laptop. This is great for tracking your food for the day, exercise and goals. I am trying out a 40/30/30 split for a few weeks to see how my body reacts. This was at the end of my day yesterday, I was pretty much on point.

I was a bit short a my calories and macros yesterday, I got to about 1400 calories. I am slowly trying to get my numbers up there!

I am excited to get back some lean muscle! You can look here on my “You Are What You Eat” post for protein, carb and fat options. Here is a shot of my abs post competition…train hard and don’t be afraid to eat! I am off to Temple now to get my ass kicked! Have a great day!!!

Mich xo

Mixing it Up!

I’m up way too early on a Saturday lol, but it’s all within good reason! This morning I am off to a 60 min Spin Class followed by Kickboxing. 3 days a week I stick to my own program in terms of weights, cardio and bikram yoga. The other 3 days I have been doing Spin Class and Kickboxing to mix up my program a little and I’m loving it. They are both pretty tough classes, but I’m always up for a challenge.

It’s easy to get bored of doing same routine at times so mixing in a different workout/class at times can be great!

Mich xo

Hey ya’ll!

Hey everyone! So this is officially my first post! 🙂  The main reason for me starting up this site is to educate on proper nutrition and to show that it can be fun and tasty! I have been in the fitness industry for almost 6 years now and live, eat, sleep and breathe it.

Right out of University I had the honour of working with the late Robert Kennedy of RK Pubs, publisher of MuscleMag, Oxygen Magazine and Clean Eating to name a few. I then had an opportunity to get on board with my great friend Terry Frendo, publisher of Inside Fitness Magazine. The journey with Inside Fitness has been outstanding. From humble beginning’s working off of Terry’s desk to now being the #1 Mag in Canada, this journey has been a huge part of me and my life. I worked my way up to Advertising/Marketing Manager in addition to writing a lot of articles along the way on fitness, health and nutrition. I also got into fitness competing, which was a life changing experience. Talk about hardcore discipline! That’s a whole other blog on its own lol.

Inside Fitness was my passion, my life and I have become extremely educated along the way in regards to health & wellness. Then I met a special someone, my soulmate and husband Brian. Seeing as Brian is a professional athlete playing hockey for the Nashville Predators, I had to pick up my life and move to Nashville from Hamilton, ON. But, I am still working closely with Inside Fitness writing nutrition and food articles (which I LOVE!)

We are both absolutely loving our time here in Nashville, with an addition of our newest member of the fam, Louis our little Pom. I am so excited to share a lot of great and tasty recipes and fitness/nutrition tips with you all! And remember “ABS ARE MADE IN THE KITCHEN!”

Mich xo